6 Questions...with Jim Letchworth, CEM

6 Questions...with Jim Letchworth, CEM

November 11, 2019 by: Paul Treanor and Stephanie Selesnick

IAEE announced the 2019 Award Winners and the Southwest Chapter is delighted to announce four are from our region and will be honored at Expo! Expo! in Las Vegas. We will leave the formal profiles of each winner to IAEE HQ and instead, focus on their personal stories and anecdotes of their work lives. First in this four-part series is Jim Letchworth, CEM, winner of the Volunteer of the Year Award and SWIAEE 2020 Incoming Chair.  

Q1 - What’s your job – what kinds of responsibilities do you have in your day-to-day work life? 
A1 - Senior Sales Manager at GES. Responsible for new business development and maintaining and growing existing business.

Q2 - Why do you volunteer? 
A2 - I want to give back to the community/industry that continues to have a major influence on my career. It also provides me with an opportunity to share experiences with industry friends and colleges as well as the opportunity to forge new relationships while giving back. 

Q3 - What’s your best client night out (like the Hangover and you may change the city and names to protect the not-so-innocent)
A3 - No names or city!!  After dinner and some drinks, it’s around midnight and we are walking back to the hotel and came upon an outdoor ice skating rink…it was closed but that didn’t stop us from playing on the ice!! Enough said…??

Q4 - What’s the best international CEM story you have?  
A4 - WOW...hard question. They have all been incredible. I am incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to go to China, Thailand and Taiwan. One of my favorites is probably the traditional Chinese Hot Pot Dinner experience.

Q5 - Who are your mentors? What’d they do for you? 
A5 - Thelma MacKinnon was my first mentor.  I started working in the industry at Sheppard Decorating Company based in Los Angeles in 1991.  She took me under her wing and showed me the ropes, I learned a lot from Thelma and will forever be grateful to her for sharing her knowledge with me that helped shape my career.

Q6 - What’s the craziest event job you’ve ever had – one that you were “voluntold for” – not your normal everyday crazy. 
A6 - Hosting a client event at the Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day. Had to be in line at 3:30 AM to get a prime tailgating spot. Made for a very long day but was tons of fun.

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