6 Questions...with Julie Pazina

6 Questions...with Julie Pazina

November 18, 2019 by: Paul Treanor and Stephanie Selesnick

IAEE announced the 2019 Award Winners and the Southwest Chapter is delighted to announce four are from our region and will be honored at Expo! Expo! in Las Vegas. We will leave the formal profiles of each winner to IAEE HQ and instead, focus on their personal stories and anecdotes of their work lives. Second in this four-part series is Julie Pazina, CEM, winner of the Woman of Achievement Award.

SWIAEE: What’s your job – what kinds of responsibilities do you have in your day-to-day work life?
Julie: I am Edlen’s national director of sales, overseeing sales in the Las Vegas market, as well as regional and national sales efforts.

SWIAEE: Why do you volunteer?
Julie: Volunteering has been an important part of my life since childhood. I volunteer because I am part of my community and will always do what I can to lift up my neighbors. I have been very fortunate and I hope that by volunteering, it inspires others to take action and use their voice to improve lives.

SWIAEE: What’s your best client night out (like the Hangover and you may change the city and names to protect the not-so-innocent)?  
Julie: No comment, especially if I run for office again in the future.

SWIAEE: Who are your mentors? What’d they do for you? 
Julie: In my event life, Mary Ellen Chapdelaine has served as a mentor. She is always patient, never too busy to answer questions and has really been by my side to help grow my career. On the political side, Senator Joyce Woodhouse took me under her wing to answer any number of questions on various issues, always had a smile on her face no matter the situation and sponsored meaningful legislation through the process on my behalf that has now become law.

SWIAEE: What’s the craziest event job you’ve ever had – one that you were “voluntold for” – not your normal everyday crazy?
Julie: I worked on cruise ships for five years and it was a lot of fun, though definitely qualified as crazy. I organized beach games, hosted horse races and game shows, managed the passenger safety drills and hosted theme nights. Every day was different but always fun and definitely crazy!

SWIAEE: Even though you ultimately didn’t win in your bid for the Nevada State Senate (Boo! Hiss!) - please share your favorite ‘running for election' story. 
Julie: My favorite part of running for office was the field work/canvassing. I loved going door to door and listening to what issues mattered to my neighbors. I met so many awesome people including young women who may run for office themselves one day and wouldn’t have traded the experience for the world.

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