Greetings 2017 SWIAEE Members

Greetings 2017 SWIAEE Members

January 23, 2017

Greetings 2017 SWIAEE Members!

On behalf of Chris Eisenberg and myself, we welcome you to your blog page. Throughout the year, we encourage you so submit your thoughts, ideas, use it to give props to an event or individual, or if you need help with anything.  Our goal is to get you the member engaged in everything that's going on in the chapter.  From time to time, we'll import blog topics from the national site as well.  If you have a topic you'd like to post, simply contact Chris or I and we'll get it up on the site for you.  We'll use this page as a wrap up for our events too!

At this time I'd also like to invite you to download the IAEE Member App, which has information from HQ and a specific app for our chapter.  Once you download it, be sure to fill out your profile and publish it to the list.  That way you can network with other members in our chapter.  If you have work colleagues from other chapters, please feel free to open any of the other chapters as well.  You can grab it by scanning the QR code below or by clicking this link. https://app.core-apps.com/iaee_sw

Here is the QR code:

QR Code

Again, we look forward to your input and participation this year and thank you for your continued support of this wonderful industry.  Cheers to a prolific 2017!

Ray Baum - Communications/Social Media Volunteer

I think it's only fitting that I start off the New Year with a topic that's a bit personal to me, so please feel free to chime in if you like.  My topic is, How do you measure your Personal and Professional Success?

As may be the case, there's a good chance that you and I may have started our business relationship while I was working with Javier and John at ListeNation.  I'm very proud of the achievement the 3 of us earned by introducing Voice Mail Marketing (NOT Robo-Calls as penned by Senator John McCain) to the industry back in 2003. When 2004 hit and we went to Expo!Expo! in San Antonio, we were unaware of the onslaught of business we would earn.  I labeled that as a success both professionally and personally as ListeNation won Rookie of the Year - Supplier. 


This week, I celebrate my 6th year at Core-apps; and share many similar sentiments as I did with the start of ListeNation. When I was hired, I was employee number 5 and again, introduced technology that was in its infancy to a very discernable industry. Well as luck shall have it, we are now at 50+ employees and business is good! As the company has grown, I have grown with it.  I think what makes me most proud is sharing in my client's own success and watching them achieve their own professional goals with their event.  Kind of an adaptation of 'Pay it Forward' on a certain level.  So as stated before, how has your career aided in your personal success? I'm excited to see what you post!

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