Honoring Bob Dallmeyer's Legacy

Honoring Bob Dallmeyer's Legacy

April 12, 2018 by: Gary Tufel and Chris Eisenberg

Most people in the trade show industry knew or knew of Bob Dallmeyer. A mentor, an educator, a business leader and a titan in the industry, Bob touched the lives of a lot of people. I’m one of them. And the way I got to know Bob is through his semi-annual “Bill Maher” events that he hosted with Gary Tufel. We would meet at Bob’s place in Park La Brea. Bob would greet you with a drink at the door. Much mingling and socializing would be done and then it was off to see Bill Maher. Afterwards we would reconvene at a local restaurant for dinner and sparkling conversation.

After Bob passed, Gary Tufel and I wanted to continue the tradition. And so we have the 4th annual the Fourth Annual Bob Dallmeyer Charity event, May 18th. We’ll meet at CBS for the Bill Maher show and then meet up at a restaurant nearby after. I won’t be meeting you with a drink but I will buy the first round at the restaurant.

Chris Eisenberg


To add to Chris’s thoughts above, we both feel strongly that this is an excellent way to keep Bob’s spirit of giving back to the industry alive. And he was all about giving to everyone he knew. I first met Bob in 1989, right after I began in the tradeshow industry as an editor at Tradeshow Week magazine. Soon after I was hired, I attended my first industry event, the IAEE (then IAEM) spring meeting in Minneapolis. I knew no one in the industry but Bob was the first to take me under his wing and introduce me around at the meeting, and we became fast friends, Like everyone else who knew him, he proved to be not only an industry mentor, but a valued and wise friend who I could always count on for good advice, not only about the industry but about life itself. Bob had not always had it easy, and despite that, or perhaps because of it, he was one of the most caring and generous people I ever met.

One of our early social/industry events was the Bill Maher show, then on ABC and called “Politically Incorrect.” We began to attend the show in the mid-‘90s, since we could walk there from the old Tradeshow Week offices and Bob’s place in Park La Brea. The group grew as the word spread, and pretty soon it had morphed into an entire evening of socializing and entertainment, moving from the pre-party at Bob’s to the show at CBS Studios, which became “Real Time with Bill Maher” as it’s known today, to dinner afterward followed by a post-party back at Bob’s. People came to LA for this from all over the country and our group usually numbered around 40 people, but sometimes as many as 50!

Sadly, Bob became ill – very ill. He passed away in 2014 and Chris came up with this excellent way of remembering him. We all miss him every day, and we are grateful for the opportunity to honor his memory in this way!

We look forward to seeing you there.

Gary Tufel


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